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Centennial College facilities are closed until further notice and the College has moved to online learning. Please continue to visit our website for regular updates.


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Fall 2020 Announcement

Centennial College will, for the most part, continue to teach at a distance and online...

Full-Time Online Programs

Get a virtual jumpstart on your education...

Summer Full-time Bursaries

It can be tough to pay for college. That's why we've created a number of bursaries to help you meet …

Online Learning Tool Kit

Providing you with the resources you need to get the most out of our online programs and courses.

Graduate Certificate

Our programs are affordable, short in duration and many provide opportunities for hands-on work...

Land Acknowledgement

Today, the traditional meeting place of Toronto is still home to many Indigenous People from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work in the communities that have grown in the treaty lands of the Mississauga. We acknowledge that we are all treaty people and accept our responsibility to honour all our relations.

Who We Are

Learn a living. In your field. Your community. Anywhere. We'll help you get there. With more accredited programs, pioneering research projects and partnerships that offer semesters or placements abroad. An education rooted in the principles of global citizenship, equity and social inclusion. All at Centennial College.

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The Centennial program is great. I feel that students come out of the program with the essential skills they need in the workplace. Greg T., Industry Partner, Field Placement Supervisor


Full-time students, including 13,000 international and 845 apprenticeship


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